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Outlining the best and the worst of the International Press' travel recommendations as well as 100s of reviews and Postcards from guest writers

Globalista reports are a byword for reliability, unbiased opinion, and prescription.

Provided by passionate travellers and trusted consultants, our reports direct you to a selection of the finest restaurants and hotels and signpost the ones that are right for you. Because we value your time we present you with a handful of choices rather than a serpentine list; because we value your taste, we do not wax lyrical about every overwrought, over-priced, and overdone bar, bedroom, or plate of food. And because we share your style, we recommend only the best of the best. We simply promote the places we like, and think you would like too. Whether it is an eco-hotel, a chic boutique or a ‘Grande Dame’, we opt for elegance and refinement over snobbery and affectation.

Because our reports are continually updated, you will not find another travel service offering the same independence, quality, or sheer breadth of content.

'Ask Globalista' will plan an original, bespoke tour anywhere in the world with your own individual needs in mind. For business trips, we provide Business Briefs. For weekend breaks, anniversaries and honeymoons we will put together a programme of pleasures which will ensure that you have the experience of a lifetime. In addition, our team of experts can:

- Advise you on where to stay, and where not to
- Provide personal itineraries, tailored to suit your specific needs
- Arrange the most knowledgable private guides and insider tours
- Arrange upgrades and discounts on selected hotels
- Secure preferential rates on exclusive villas and yachts worldwide
- Source tickets for exclusive events and openings worldwide
- Arrange door to door luggage delivery

Globalista reviews are word-of-mouth recommendations – and condemnations – by just-back members, professional travellers, and guest writers. Our reviewers reveal the best, and worst, that each destination has to offer in terms of food, drink, and accommodation, while keeping in mind the differing requirements of Globalista travellers.

Because we rely on the authority of your opinion to maintain our exacting standards of independence and reliability, we see our reviews as the backbone of the Globalista brand.

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